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Real update...
Wow...so my last real post was back in September...that night was so amazing!!!
A little bit after that night we were together and talking...I told him how much I loved him and that's when he told me that he could never see himself with me (as a couple) and that he just doesn't want to even think about a relationship for a few years at least with anyone!

So recap...I'll start with the guys first.  Some still around, lots came and went...still no one to get really excited about.
But B, Driver and Smiles, and Punk are always around...love my good friends =)

So, now on to Authentic!!!  The Love of my life!!!
So we hang out, go to movies, kick back here at my place, dvd night etc...love it.
We saw a musical...my first (Spring Awakening) and it was great!!  Never thought I'd see a musical and like it omg! We took my nephew along because they we all get along really good...even though he's only 14.
But that night I found myself attracted to Authentic...yeah...physically attracted.  I always thought he was cute, but I was more into his heart...I know gay huh?  But it is what it is.
I never did fall in Love with him, but I did fall in Love with his heart...but now, it was getting different because I was really falling for just about all of him.

I'm skipping a bunch of stuff but we had our first "fight" and it was cool =)  We did good and we learned from it.

We exchanged Christmas presents...great thoughtful gift...he got me a leather bound journal =)

We celebrated New Years together and he had lots of friends asking him to events and such...but we just watched a dvd, talked, had a few beers and shared a bottle of champagne together.

I invited him to my birthday dinner and he gifted me a beautiful pen to go with my new journal.  My mom still has issues with the whole gay thing but she knows how much I Love Authentic.  She really listened to what he had to say, she asked him questions and was genuinely interested in learning about him...it was so cute to see my mom like that.  Later I found out that when Authentic left, he gave her a hug and she kissed him on the cheek.  She didn't so that with my old bf until way afterwards.  She told me later that she liked Authentic and sad that she can see why I Love him like I do!!!

Skipping forward...we went on a Road Trip for my birthday about two weeks ago.  We wet to Arizona to go to Sedona (beautiful) and the Grand Canyon (amazing).  We went for three nights and four days.  A great experience!!!  We "had" to share a bed every night but we kept our distance...until the last night.  That night I asked if we could hold hands as we fell asleep...he sad yeah.  We held hands for 5 seconds, then he got closer and put his arm around me and we fell asleep switching who was holding who all night long.  I know he was attracted to me from the beginning and that night I "felt" it...lol  My arm was by my side one time and he rolled a little too close and "it" (hard as a rock) brushed my arm as he tried to bury it in the bed...HA!

We bonded a lot during that trip and we plain and simple had a great time!!
We put our initials in the snow at the Grand Canyon and he added the "+"

So then we get back on a Wednesday and I asked him to go with me to my Work Holiday Party (we did it in Jan so people could be available to go).  He sad yes...we had fun, we danced together and with friends.  He met some co-workers that know I am gay and that I Love him to death!!  There are lots of people wanting us to get together...lol

Okay, so here's the best part!!! After the dance we came to my place and watched Fantasic Mr. Fox (great movie)...and afterwards I asked him if he would be my Valentine.  I was hoping for  yes or a maybe, but I instantly got "I would Love to be your Valentine"!!!

I went on another vacation (San Francisco) and he picked me up from the airport last night.  We went to dinner and had a good time, and he asked if we could hang out this weekend and see a movie and whatever.  So this month we have been together so much it's like wow.  He always has friends and family to do things with (as do I) and we kind of always take turns being with Authentic, but he is noticeably making a real effort to make more time with me...especially since school starts next week...sigh.

His sisters, best friend and mom are really cool with me also...when we are together and they call his cell or if I pick him up to go out, they always make it a point to talk with me or tell him to tell me "hi" etc., and...it's almost like "our" worlds are coming together to make something happen...something great!!!

"We are Rainbowarroirs, evil come not near, rainbow Love awaits us, with hearts of Love and tears..."  CocoRosie



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Awww! Yay! I love mushy love stuff! Good for you... xoxo

I Love it too!! Thanks =)
Right back at cha xoxo

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