I want to wake up to your face every morning

Until then, I'll just write about you =)

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Bitter sweet night...
One of my best friends...B is going to jail tomorrow at 10:00am, right after a viewing of a very good friend who passed this past Monday.
A few years back B was intoxicated and ran into a parked unoccupied car.  Now he will be serving 60 days (22 hopefully and home monitoring for the remainder).  Seattle has tough laws, which is good...but this really sucks.  When he gets out, he will be back here in Cali for like one month.  I miss him so much...we hang out like two times a week, sometimes more.  But now that he's moving back to Hong Kong, it's going to be really hard.  At least when he gets back we're going to take a mini vacation together =)  And I am already planning to visit him for two weeks in November...and he'll visit here afterwards...man I love him so much!!!  Truly one of the best friends I've ever had in my life!!

The sweet part is planning me and Authentic's Valentine's day =)
I think I'm going to book it tomorrow and make it official.  I'm still not sure if we're going to boat or get a Helicopter ride out there.
Spend the day at Catalina Island, Dinner and then a Beatles cover band concert/dance (we both Love stuff from the Beatles), his favorite flowers (orchids) and well hold each other all night long as we sleep, after I give him another poem since I am writing again =)
I think we're finally going to kiss too...I feel it...
I'm going to try and write a poem with each sentence beginning with each of the letters that spell out...


It will be short, but I think I can make it count and make it special with few words...we'll see =)

Here is a pic of Catalina...


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we may be similar, but we are not the same...
I have not got your patience.

On an aside note. I met a wonderful person who is as sweet as can be and really cute. He asked if we can call each other boyfriends! We are kissing but that is all right now. :)
Anyhow Jim... have a great V day. - Let me know what happens - and I'm so glad to see you again.


Nor do I...for reals, but I've found strength...pure Love will make you do amazing things...writing better than I ever have, new understanding of Love, and being patient. I realized that Loving him has to be about Loving him and keeping his happiness as my priority. Moving quicker is for me and my happiness, but easing him and letting him realize my Love and his Love for me keeps his happiness first in line.

I want him to try and forget what's in the past because tomorrow is here, but he has to see it for himself at his pace. He says he's scared of commitment and he doesn't know how to work a relationship. One day if not already, he'll see that we're in a relationship right now and that commitment doesn't take away his freedom...and that if we all waited for things to be perfect...nothing would ever happen!

Haha, yeah, I read your post tonight...pretty cool =)
And it's great to see you as well...I think we'll be actual friends some day =)

Hugs and kisses,


we are actual friends


But I know. One day we will meet.

Wow, that V-day sounds so lovely!
It warms my heart, despite my own recent break up, so you know that's really something if the mention of Valentine's day here doesn't make me bitter. hahah.


Thanks...but I might have to go to plan B

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