I want to wake up to your face every morning

Until then, I'll just write about you =)

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Okay...I have to get this out so I stop adding things...
Valentine's Day...final...

10am:  I dunno if I posted about the slides before but...there are these huge (like 25-30 feet) slides where I used to work that we would go to on break on Fridays...fun times.  We use wax paper and go really super fast!!

I am taking Authentic there as our first stop =)

Then I'll take him back home because he has to be with his family for Chinese New Year.  (He's Chinese, Viet and Cambodian)

1:00pm Pick him up and go to our room to check in...glass of champagne when we get there (Amore package)

Get ready for stop number 2 - LA county Museum of Art.  They are having a Renoir exhibit starting the 14th, how appropriate huh?

Back to our room and get dressed for dinner.

5:00pm Head out to dinner at this nice restaurant on the water (beach).  Glad we live in California =)  On the way we'll stop at the pier because the sun will set at 5:36pm on V-Day

6:30pm Reservations/Dinner - During this time, my sis is going to take the flower arrangement (Beautiful Orchids...his favorite)  Hide his present and bring the "Love" kit I made.

Off to our spot...this nice hill overlooking the ocean...where I'll give him his new poem/talk etc...

Back to our room!!!

While he takes a shower, I'll set up a small alter with things like the 1st CD he made for me, a rock from our Sedona trip, the sketch from the butterfly poem I made for him and pictures of us.  Light candles that we made two weeks ago,and  put on all he music we've shared with each other since we met.

Oh yeah, ever hour or so I have small cards in envelopes (like 3x3.5) that have things on them I wrote of why I Love him and things I Love about him that I will give to him to open. On the back of these cards will be pieces of a "word puzzle" that he has to solve to find out where his present is hidden in the room.

This is his present...I Love it so much...it's called Love Bear it's a ceramic beauty about 6 inches tall.

Also...every stop has a song for it to tease him...they are all cool songs of Love, not oozy stuff but nice Indie Love songs.
Like the first one is "What I wouldn't do"...the first line is "If we were children, I would bake you a mud pie, warm and brown beneath the sun"  So I'm not going to do that but playing on the slides will bring out the children in both of us =)

Then we'll get into the yab yum position, center ourselves, breathing, gazing...then offer him a foot massage...then on to a full body massage.  While I do that, I will whisper the things on the cards and some more of why and things I Love about him.

Tonight, I'm going to go for it!!! We are just one ingredient away from being fully intimate...we've held hands, our hugs good night are amazing and longer, we've held each other as we've slept, kissed on the cheek...it's time for full on kissing =)

Then go to sleep in each other arms again =)

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day...single or not...for reals =)

Note to self - I was engaged to a beautiful girl (so young...omg), had a 10 year relationship with old bf, but I have never put so much thought or effort into a Valentine's day EVER!!!

Love you,


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that is intense!

He is lucky. I hope he knows it.
I'm sure he will feel special.

I know huh?
He really does...he really does =)
Can't miss, right?

Thanks Love,


We can hardly wait!!!
Thanks =)


My god you went all out!!
How long have you been together now?

Yeah, I kinda did...I realized it when I was finishing the post. We are not together in the sense of how you mean it...I think. He's my best friend, we've known each other for a little under a year now. He's not dating or looking for any kind of relationship...despite the fact that we're getting closer and closer. I'm single still and meeting people...but, he is the Love of my life...for reals =)
I saw this as a once in a lifetime opportunity...so I took it!
My sister asked me "what if nothing changes?" All I could say was that it's impossible...our Love evolves month to month. I don't expect anything except his Love as he has given me...oh yeah, and some kissing =) but just Loving each other is good too =)

If you could see/feel his heart like his sister/family/friends/my mom, sister, nephew and I do...you would totally understand why I Love him so much. My mom told me after my birthday dinner..."I can see why you Love him like you do."

Thank for the comment =)


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