I want to wake up to your face every morning

Until then, I'll just write about you =)

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Random stuff yeah...

1. James...I have always Loved my name, but Love being called Jim or Jimmy most!

2. I always capitalize the word Love because it's that important, it's my favorite word!

3. I got caught in a rip tide when I was about 8 and almost died at the beach in Long Beach, CA.

4. I definitely have OCD, and some ADHD, but I deal pretty good.

5. Broken finger (football), broken leg (horsing around), busted knee (snowboarding), other knee (football), only had stitches once...cutting tile for my gramms...I almost fainted because of all the blood. Never busted anything playing baseball or dirt bike riding, or skateboarding.

6. My favorite TV show is "The Amazing Race". I want to try out with Authentic maybe next year..I guess I should ask him huh?

7. I used to hustle candy, fireworks and porn as a kid for cash.

8. When I was 12, I got lost at Catalina Island, freaked for like 3 mins and then said..."Damn, who's that girl". LOL But then yeah, my family found me. =(

9. I am weird about music...some songs I've never shared with anyone till this past year. Not that they are mine, but very personal to me. I Love music!!!

10. I was born Latin & German, but I'm now part Asian, no particular ethnicity, but yeah.

11. I would give up a week of my life if I could play as kids with a few of my best friends for one day.

12. I used to go "ghost" hunting with my old bf, we had tons of fun and great experiences.

13. I had sex for the first time while in 6th grade. We didn't know what were doing but it was hawt!

14. I used to repossess cars for like 6 months...Awwsummm times!

15. I'm in Love with my best friend, and we're cool like that!!!

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kiss me brother!

How are you???

ok - serious now.
I miss you.

I knew most of these things, but it's cool to find out you were a repo man. You don't seem aggressive enough.


Muah, muah, muah!!!

Hey Jasoncakes =)
Miss you too...I wasn't gone this time, I just wasn't commenting or posting, mostly keeping to myself =)

Hehe, I know you have that impression of me, but I am pretty aggressive, impatient and more...but I know what you're talking about. And actually, that's something I've been thinking about lately.

How are things? Everything...(kids, lovers, and U)

with much Love,


I don't even know where to start.
I got rid of Mario. I moved to Nelson. Check gay town in the dictionary. Under San Francisco you will find Nelson BC.

I now have a few casual things beginning again and since I have learned to go slower, I'm well on my way to being more selective and less accepting of just anything. :) Sex life is fine - great at times lol.

My children are very pleased in the new home environment and they are saying - "we are going to live there for two years." This is a 7 and 9 year old telling me how long we will stay at this place. :D It's beside the big city park which is absolutely awesome. It's one of those grand parks with all kinds of activities and many fields to play in. Nelson has hiking galore and a nude beach, so I'm gonna be happy for sure. :)

Smiles and love for you Jim.

Yeah...like I said, I have been here reading, but I just hadn't heard anything new with any guys etc. Congrats on the move =)Yeah...sounds ike you'll have a gay old time...haha

Hehe...fine is good and I agree great is awwsumm =)

Now this is great to hear...all this time I hadn't heard anything new with them, but I'm not one to pry...but I did keep you, them and the mother in my thoughts. So glad things are in the children's favor.

kisses and ,


Gawd, I haven't seen a post from you in like forever =(

Porn...well my friend's dad picked up the garbage and he always came across magazines. We go to them of course. So I'd sell them at school or around the neighborhood to the other horny kids.

How? Well...my old bf of 11 years is Asian and I got to appreciate the culture and how similar we were in lots of ways...plus we would always have different Asian foods going out or at his parents. Most replys I get or guys that hit me up are mostly Asian for some reason yet I have always been open to all races and have attraction to other races.

HOW?? Well, the magazines...his father got lots of them. We were looking through them one day...noticed his errection and I was caught looking (okay staring..okay drooling)and things went on from there =)

You should post =)

Thanks for the reply


I know, I know. I'm just... kinda lazy and have been so out of it lately. I do check LJ for updates on friends' journals often, though! :D

Ouch. I can't believe you got hurt so much. :(

Hehe...all in good fun =)

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