I want to wake up to your face every morning

Until then, I'll just write about you =)

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iTunes sez 634 plays + car + at work = about 1200 plays in 2 months
I cannot stop playing this song at home, in my car and at work...

"The way you look at me
the way you touch me
the fire in your eyes...
I swear it makes me shiver inside
there's nothing I can do about it...

'Cause nothing seems so true
when I'm beside you
Am I dreaming of it...oh just hold my hand...
Naked...perfect...so beautiful...

You turn me up and down
I'm spinning 'round and 'round
you never get enough baby don't you're a shining star...

The way you look at me...

You're my soul mate, my summer and my faith
you fill me up with Love, your kisses are better than wine
There's nothing I want more than you girl..."


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